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Vision Statement

T – Trust and Teamwork 

We are responsible for creating and maintaining a sense of community. 

We trust others to have a good heart and good intentions. 

We value Parent – School – Community partnerships. 

We make decisions using the following decision making model: 

  • Clearly identify the issue/problem. 

  • Involve those affected by the decision. 

  • Identify priorities and/or concerns. 

  • Gather facts. 

  • Maintain an open mind and ear to all concerns. 

  • Explore and evaluate alternatives. 

  • Choose and support the most appropriate alternative, and inform those affected by the decision. 

We follow-up and evaluate the effectiveness of the solution. 

We abide by all final decisions.   

I – Integrity 

We hold ourselves accountable for our words and actions. 

We model self-discipline in our interactions with others. 

We relate honestly with others. 

We hold confidential that which has been entrusted as a confidence.   

G – Growth 

We foster the development of life-long learners. 

We believe a key consideration in our instructional program is intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth. 

We believe in others’ potential. 

We create a safe environment in which to take risks and share ideas. 

E – Excellence 

We put kids first. 

We strive for the highest possible learner outcomes. 

We encourage flexibility and innovation. 

R – Respect 

We honor and celebrate diversity. 

Respect and caring is the foundation of all we do. 

We listen with respect, seeking to understand the ideas of others. 

We listen with respect, seeking to understand the ideas of others. 

We treat ourselves and others with compassion and understanding. 

We share our opinions and input at appropriate times and in appropriate ways.   

S – Success and Support 

We support each other by sharing our skills, knowledge, and resources. 

We encourage each other in nurturing, caring, and compassionate ways. 

We recognize the value of fun, enthusiasm, and humor. 

We celebrate the successes, strengths, and contributions of all.